About HomeSun.

Imagine a future where every home is powered by green, affordable electricity from solar panels on rooftops. That’s our mission.  

The Way We See It.

Sustainable energy shouldn’t be a luxury but an easily accessible right. We want every UK rooftop generating solar electricity. All households with more freedom from the whims of big energy companies. Solar power and battery storage easily available and affordable.

At HomeSun we’re committed to doing what we’re best known for: lighting up homes with rooftop solar – thousands of them, in fact. And nothing’s going to stop us now.

Switching On Solar, One Rooftop at a Time

The path to solar can seem daunting.

From selecting the perfect solar panels, getting your head around technical maintenance, to grappling with the financial outlay and evaluating returns - there's a lot to think about.

We’ve simplified it for you. We take on the complexities of ownership, so that homeowners can simply enjoy clean solar energy.

See our SolarService solution.

Good for Health and Wealth.

Solar panels do more than just generate electricity. The mini solar power station on your roof provides clean and green energy, reducing reliance on the potentially polluting sources of old electricity companies. You'll not only get the confidence of some independence, but your locked-in solar price will save you thousands over the years, freeing you further from the spikes and rises of traditional electricity.

The Electron Green Group Partnership.

We’re proud to be part of the Electron Green Group, a company which collaborates with some of the world’s leading property companies to shape and develop solar solutions across Europe and the UK. There’s some really impressive work being done there.

Taking Social Responsibility Seriously.

We take our role in the community seriously. As part of the Electron Green Group, we know how critical it is to drive sustainable change - across our practices, materials and entire supply chain. We're not only doing it for the planet, but for our customers, people and partners, too.

Our People.

Your home deserves the best - which is why our team and investors are made up of the UK's top talent. Together, we're 100% focussed on delivering to the best standards and driving for a more sustainable future.

Meet Some Of The Team.

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