Solar without Ownership Costs and Hassle.

Trying to keep a lid on energy costs is difficult. Our all-inclusive SolarService is stepping in to help 1000s of homeowners across the country cut their electricity bills, gain more energy independence and protect the planet.

Cut Your Electricity Bill by a Third Every Month*.



with your current energy supplier.



*Estimated 12-year average, 5.2kWp solar PV, 5.2kWh battery, UK home, south facing roof, 2800kWh annual electricity consumption, Ofgem April 2024 energy price cap (pre solar), Intelligent Octopus Flux tariff (post solar).

Your HomeSun Protection.

Peace of Mind.

Full insurance cover for damage, theft and third-party liability for 25 years.


We’ll remote monitor your system, ready to fix anything that crops up.

Hassle-free Upkeep.

Any issues? Parts replacement and labour are free-of charge.

We’re Committed.

If you cancel, we'll keep the panels for no charge, making re-joining easy .

*6.7% electricity price inflation used in the year to September, (ONS, 2023)

Lock In Your Price.

You Want:
SolarService gives you:

Remember: By introducing our SolarService to your home, you’re reducing the amount you pay to your current supplier, NOT piling extra on top of existing costs.

Installing Top Quality Equipment.

No Ownership, No Stress.

You know how it works. You pay a monthly fee for a service, and you’re free from the hefty costs and responsibility that comes with owning the equipment.  

And this formula works. Why? Because it’s designed with total ease in mind. No stress of upfront or hidden costs, ongoing worries of maintenance, you don’t even have to ponder over picking the right materials or installer.

Just sit back. savour your solar electricity – and enjoy that feel-good feeling every time you look at your rooftop.

Save Money.

Make instant savings on your electricity bill - year after year.

Tax-free Earnings.

Sell your excess solar electricity to the National Grid.

Great Tracking.

Easily monitor how much electricity the panels are producing.

No Commitments.

Relax with no upfront payments, and no liability to buy the solar system.

Add Value.

Adding solar to your home could improve its EPC rating and value.

Frequently Asked Questions.

HomeSun remotely monitors your solar PV system to ensure that it is properly operating for you.

The service is offered to any homeowner. We will need to conduct a home survey to check that the property and roof are appropriate for solar, and a we will do a credit check as part of the application process.

Click here for a free solar assessment for your home in one minute.

Worry not. Our SolarService includes the installation, maintenance and insurance of a rooftop solar PV system, replacement of parts such as an inverter and, if you have a battery, we replace that completely around year 12 when it needs to be retired. We’ve got you covered.

Yes, any solar electricity you don’t use, is sent automatically to the Grid and you will be paid 100% tax free! It’s worth shopping around for the best rates – Intelligent Octopus Flux has a great tariff, for example. But new opportunities will open up.

Research from WWF and Scottish Power found that solar increases the value of a house by 0.5% to 2%. This study excludes the impact of batteries which would likely increase value further.

A Rightmove study found that increasing a home’s EPC rating raised the value of the home. Adding solar to a home typically increases an EPC by one level, and the study found that increasing EPC from D to C resulted in an average increase of 4% or £13,800.

We install top tier solar equipment. You will probably have heard of most of the manufacturers.  Suntech, JA, and Longi for the solar panels, for example, and Solis Fronius and Huawei for the inverter.

It depends on the size of the system but on average it will take 1-2 days.

Nothing. With your SolarService, the solar will flow automatically to your home.