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Everything was very straightforward and the installation was completed very quickly



I have found since they have been fitted that the saving at the moment is over 50%. Which is brilliant.



I would certainly recommend HomeSun. It’s a smart and easy way to save money.



Frequently Asked Questions.

Worry not. Our SolarService includes the installation, maintenance and insurance of a rooftop solar PV system, replacement of parts such as an inverter (and if you have a battery, we replace that completely around year 12 when it needs to be retired). We’ve got you covered.

Yes. This is not a loan to buy the solar system. Depending on your contract, there may be a minimum period or notice period but even if you cancel, we will keep the panels on your roof at our cost, so that you can re-join the SolarService at any point.

If you sell your home, you can cancel the SolarService, the new owners of the home can continue with the SolarService, or the new owners could buy the solar panels at the reloved price which will be displayed on our website.

No, there’s nothing to pay up front with our SolarService. You lock your 10 year price for the SolarService, and you’d pay one fixed monthly payment regardless of how much solar electricity you use, and how much excess electricity you sell.

It’s worth shopping around – Intelligent Octopus Flux has a great tariff, for example. But new opportunities will open up – and this is tax free money!

The service is offered to any homeowner. We will need to conduct a home survey to check that the property and roof are appropriate for solar, and a we will do a credit check as part of the application process.